Do You Think I Am Still a Christian?

Jesus’s core teachings had virtually nothing to do with religious beliefs and everything to do with living a life of integrity and love.

Why Retired Clergy Lose Faith and Leave Church

For someone with “Reverend” in front of their name, admitting that he or she has lost faith feels overwhelmingly frightening and threatening.

Creating a Good Life

At this stage on the journey, I’ve identified five core essentials I need to live a good life.

My Long Farewell to Traditional Religion (and What Remains)

Like some of the early followers of Jesus, I have doubted. A lot. This is my story.

Providing an Alternative to Toxic Religion

Toxic religion abounds in America today. People need an alternative.

Growing Our Souls Through Struggle

I wish we could grow and mature without pain and struggle. But that’s not the nature of human experience.

Rethinking the Metrics of Congregational Success

In a pandemic/post-pandemic world, what metrics should be used to determine congregational effectiveness and success?

Gunslinger Theology

At this point in my life and faith, knowing too little about God feels healthier than knowing too much.

The Benefit of the Doubt

I will never understand all the mysteries of God, nor do I need to. Instead, I only need to follow the call of Jesus to live a life of love. It’s as simple as that. And it is enough.

Friends for the Journey

People cannot make it by themselves. So instead of writing an overtly theological article for this month’s Doubter’s Parish post, I’d like to remind you (and me) about the priority of relationships.