TV Interview of Doubter’s Parish Author, Martin Thielen

Martin Thielen, retired parish pastor, joins this edition of Issues of Faith to explore the concept of doubt, and why it’s a normal phenomenon in modern religion.

The Antidote to Mean Christianity

Twenty-first century America desperately needs a kinder Christianity.

My Last Visit to a Southern Baptist Church

My last visit to a Southern Baptist church included tears of grief and gratitude.

How the Religious Right Gets It Wrong and What to Do About It

Religious right Christianity is doing great damage to the Christian faith, the American church, and the common good of humanity.

Can Christianity Be Deinstitutionalized?

A lot of twenty-first century believers are seeking a post-institutionalized (or at least a less institutionalized) version of Christianity.

A Christmas Truce

Way back in the year 1914, during the brutal days of World War I, a profound event occurred on the Western Front on Christmas Day.

Do You Think I Am Still a Christian?

Jesus’s core teachings had virtually nothing to do with religious beliefs and everything to do with living a life of integrity and love.

Why Retired Clergy Lose Faith and Leave Church

For someone with “Reverend” in front of their name, admitting that he or she has lost faith feels overwhelmingly frightening and threatening.

Creating a Good Life

At this stage on the journey, I’ve identified five core essentials I need to live a good life.